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Granite Peak Management HOA Service Levels

GPM offers multiple levels of service to choose from for your association. Our main objectives are to ensure ease for Board members and long-term success for your communities and associations.

Our service levels are designed with an array of choices to match the obligations of your HOA, and additional solutions for your specific needs. Whether you are a self-sufficient association or full-service focused (or somewhere in between), we can take care of your requirements. GPM covers everything from accounting-only to comprehensive and continuous HOA management services.


Level 1

Professional HOA Managers facilitate and advise on best practices to streamline board operations. This level provides ease of communication, an annual calendar and framework for efficient board governance, and helps protect HOAs from easily avoidable legal issues. 

  • Access to GPM's online account management, online payments, and records-keeping services. Owners receive instant online access to their HOA accounts, documents, and assessments online.
  • Prepare and distribute all monthly accounting reports to ensure your HOA is fulfilling fiduciary reporting obligations.
  • Collect dues, update owner accounts, prepare accounts receivable reports, and manage any owner delinquencies.
  • Manage HOA record-keeping and communications. Ensure owners have online access to insurance documents, meeting notices, meeting minutes, etc.
  • Updates on HOA management best practices, required information and records (vendor insurance, quarterly updates on HOA law changes, etc.)
  • GPM provides a level of liability coverage for the Board by employing a certified professional to advise.
  • Review meeting minutes for accuracy with respect to HOA laws.
  • Additional consulting services are available for an hourly fee.


Level 2
Level 1 in addition to the following services from GPM: 
  • GPM prepare project bids and updates to vendor contracts.
  • Procure bids or estimates for construction and repair projects or routine services.
  • Provide oversight on onsite vendors and contracts to ensure they are providing the contracted services.
  • Prepare and distribute board packet materials. This includes annual meetings, annual elections, etc.


Level 3
Highest, full-service level. Includes Level 1 and 2 services from Granite Peak Management, plus facilities services, janitorial services, and full project management services. This is a ‘white glove service'.  Comprehensive and customizable. Everything is handled.  
  • Accounting and Financial Management Only Service
  • Legal Compliance Service package with annual updates
  • On-demand HOA and Accounting Services for an hourly fee
  • Consulting Services for short-term and strategic planning

Join GPM

We are specialists, but this doesn't matter if we don't have a single-minded approach to your community and what success means to you. Each member of our HOA team focuses on the Board and owners' needs and objectives. Our HOA team partners with your Board to provide solutions, quality work and always a commitment to your community's long-term goals.

Success for the Board and owners is success for GPM. 


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